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Welcome to the Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Project website. Here you will find information about the group, our community and competition activity, and information on sponsorship and how to contact us.


Congratulations to the ARVP 2014-2015 Team for getting 8th place in RoboSub 2015 and best Canadian team!


Join us for RoboSub 2016!

Come learn more about what we’re all about, how you can get involved, and sign up for our mailing list! We welcome everyone from the arts to business to engineering. You can get involved in everything from our community outreach programs to our media outlet to the technical side that give life to our robot. Pictures and blogs about what happens within the club are essential as everyone knows everything ARVP related is worth talking about.

We are located at The University of Alberta in the Engineering Teaching and Learning Complex (ETLC ) Student Vehicle Project Lab, room E2-040A. Look behind Tim Hortons at the end of the Clubs Hallway. If you can’t open the door, just knock and ask to speak with an ARVP member – we’re glad to answer your questions and especially happy to meet new team members. As you know how it goes, with all this fun we are having we can’t just keep it all for ourselves. And Remember: “You can’t be late until you show up”.