In the development over the past year, we are proud to show our complete render of Auri. Since April, we have been machining the parts and readying the electrical boards. On June 24th, we hosted a BBQ unveiling of Auri at the West Pool in Van Vliet. We could not have hoped for a more amazing unveiling. Check our media page for pictures of the event!

About us

Founded in
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Admin Team

Dedicated to organizing events, the admin team takes care of all of ARVP’s business needs. From fundraisers to finances, media to outreach, and of course, planning the logistics around RoboSub, the admin team makes sure ARVP is a well oiled machine.

Electrical Team

The bridge between mechanical and software, the electrical team pieces together all of the hardware required to have our robots up and running.

Mechanical Team

Responsible our robots’ sleek design, the mechanical team designs and machines our new robots, as well as provides the proper maintenance for robots currently in use.

Software Team

The software team is responsible for controlling the mechanical parts of the robot, as well as implementing machine learning algorithms so that the robot can autonomously engage with the tasks it’s presented.

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Our members

Rumman Waqar

Project Team Lead
Brayden DeBoon - Current Team Lead

Brayden DeBoon

Electrical Team Lead

Parsa Amini

Mechanical Team Lead

Noni Hua

Software Team Lead
Jon Machinski – Co-Team Lead

Jon Machinski

Admin Team Co-Lead
Randi Derbyshire – Co-Team Lead

Randi Derbyshire

Admin Team Co-Lead
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