Welcome to the Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Project! A University of Alberta Student group building a brand new robot this year!


If you are a student who’s interested in and joining the team,

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Admin Team

Dedicated to organizing events, the admin team takes care of all of ARVP’s business needs. From fundraisers to finances, media to outreach, and of course, planning the logistics around RoboSub, the admin team makes sure ARVP is a well oiled machine.

Electrical Team

The bridge between mechanical and software, the electrical team pieces together all of the hardware required to have our robots up and running.

Mechanical Team

Responsible our robots’ sleek design, the mechanical team designs and machines our new robots, as well as provides the proper maintenance for robots currently in use.

Software Team

The software team is responsible for controlling the mechanical parts of the robot, as well as implementing machine learning algorithms so that the robot can autonomously engage with the tasks it’s presented.

Our Executive Team

Curtis Stewart

Project Lead

Mohammad Kebbi

Admin Team Lead

David Lenfesty

Electrical Team Lead

Gabriel Risbud-Vincent

Mechanical Team Co-Lead

Adesh Sangione

Mechanical Team Co-Lead

Willard Farmer

Software Team Co-Lead

Nicholas Wengel

Software Team Co-Lead

From the blog

RoboSub 2019 – Day 8

Today was the last day of the competition, which means only one thing. Well, two actually: our finals run (at 4:30 pm, which meant we had a good amount of time to panic before then), and the highly anticipated pool party at the hotel later tonight! Our last practice run was scheduled for 9:00 am, so […]

RoboSub 2019 – Day 7

Today was Day Two of semi-finals. We chose the time slot of 12:30 pm for our practice run, which gave us enough time to go to the kiddie pool and practice with the torpedo target. One important goal of our practice run was to determine the approximate location of the octagon. We also tested a […]

RoboSub 2019 – Day 6

Yesterday was the first day of semi-final runs. Our semi-final run was booked for 4 pm at Field B, and our first pool test time slot was at 7:30 am at Field C. Field C has the same setup at Field B, so this was good practice for us. However, our 7:30 run wasn’t successful […]

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