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Auri has reached its third and final form, and is ready to compete in the 2019 RoboNation RoboSub Competition. The theme for this 22nd installment of RoboSub is of the vampirical variety – Auri and her competitors will face challenges inspired by tales of the undead. These tasks, placed in a pool at the Naval Research Base in San Diego, are meant to bring the best out of ARVP and the other participating robotics clubs. As defined in the competition’s official rules, the tasks include:

  • Gate Task: Entering the Undead Realm
    • Auri is to pass through a gate that is divided in two sections – more points are given for passing through the more narrow section, and/or performing Pitch/Roll rotations.
  • Pickup Tasks
    • Auri has the option of picking up garlic and crucifixes to help with other tasks.
  • Path Task
    • Auri could follow orange paths leading to the buoy task and from there to the marker task 
  • Buoy Task: Slaying Vampires
    • Auri has to tackle up to 2 buoys. One buoy is flat with an image of Jiangshi with some images being worth more than others. The other buoy is triangular with 3 images of 3 different creatures.
  • Marker Task: Garlic Drop
    • Auri is tasked with dropping markers into a double-sided bin, and the more lucrative side must be unlocked by pushing a lever.
  • Torpedo Task: Stake through the heart
    • Auri is to decapitate and fire at an image of Dracula with her CO2-propelled torpedoes. The image contains two windows; one small covered heart, the other a large slider that decapitates the head (and reveals the heart).
  • Object Task: Sunlight Exposure
    • Auri can drop crucifixes onto coffins and carry the coffins’ undead occupants to the surface. A PVC stick figure of a vampire must be grabbed from the rectangular casket within the octagon.

Vehicle Direction with Coin Flip

Validation Gate

Course Layout

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