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Posted by Rozia Zafar on May 7, 2021

Member Highlights are where we showcase the wonderful talents, goals, and interests that our members possess.

Yee Wei Chai joined ARVP back in 2018 and is currently part of the Admin Team.

What year and discipline are you in?
I am currently a 4th-year Electrical Engineering Co-op student.

Why did you go into your program?
I started with wanting to work on robotics-related stuff, so my original choice was mechanical engineering. But as I started learning to program, I found that I enjoyed it, surprisingly. So, I decided to try out a short summer internship in an electronics company. That changed my choice to electrical engineering right before we were supposed to submit our final decision!

What do you want to do as a career?
I would like to be an embedded design engineer since I will work with both the hardware and the software parts together. Also, since I will have to use different components all the time for different projects with different requirements, this job will give me an opportunity to learn constantly, and I am sure that will make my life very interesting even at work!

What are you looking forward to most for when COVID is over?
I am a little bit of an introvert, so I would prefer staying home, to be honest. Still, I really want to just hang out with my friends since I have not seen some of them for almost a year now; I really miss them. Also, being able to meet more people and café hopping with friends would be great!

What is a fun fact/skill about yourself?
I greatly enjoy learning new languages! Whenever I watch a new show in a foreign language, I will get very tempted to learn the language. With COVID right now, I can start learning some of it! Currently, I am learning Korean and French, and hopefully, I will be able to learn Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish and even Hungarian one day! I might even end up being a translator instead of an engineer!


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