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Posted by Nigel Woodhouse on September 4, 2020

RoboSub 2020 results are in, the new semester begins, and a new executive team is chosen as new challenges lurk on the horizon.

RoboSub 2020 Results

This year, the RoboSub competition transitioned to an online format. The criteria for evaluation centred around the quality of our team website, the detail of our technical design report, and the authenticity of our team video.

Overall, ARVP placed 6 out of 33 international teams!

The breakdown is as follows: 8th place for the website, 7th place for the technical design report, and 10th place for the team video. The detailed results are on the RoboSub website. The button below will take you there.

The team is proud of the high-quality deliverables submitted, regardless of placement. We learned lots and plan to apply our accumulated knowledge to the new challenges that will arise in the 2020-2021 scholastic year.

You can see our website homepage, video, and technical report here:

New Executive Team

The start of the new academic year marks the passing of the torch, the transition of knowledge, and the changeover of responsibility.

This year we had to say goodbye to Curtis Stewart (Project Lead), Adesh Sangione (Mechanical Co-Lead), Gab Risbud-Vincent (Mechanical Co-Lead), Mohammad Kebbi (Admin Lead), David Lenfesty (Electrical Lead), and Willard Farmer (Software Co-Lead), along with other members who are moving on this year. Good luck with your future endeavours. The previous leads will be sticking around for some time to advise the new executives and promote a smooth transition into the new semester.

The new Executive Team is composed of 9 members, the most in ARVP history! This year will come with its unique challenges. The new leads felt it was best to operate in pairs to balance responsibilities.

ARVP is in good hands and is ready to ready to lead the team to another successful year.

In Order:
Nicholas Wengel (Project Co-Lead), Jenny Lee (Project Co-Lead) Nina Yang (Admin Co-Lead)

Nigel Woodhouse (Admin Co-Lead), Kirill Makhachev (Electrical Lead), Megnath Ramesh (Software Co-Lead),

Justin Francis (Software Co-Lead), Drew Delcioppo (Mechanical Co-Lead), Jared Schroeder (Mechanical Co-Lead)

Working Remotely

The University of Alberta remains closed this Fall semester due to pandemic restrictions. It does not feel right; not going to campus, seeing familiar faces, breathing in the brisk morning air with a pumpkin-spiced beverage in hand.

The clubs room remains inaccessible. All activities, meetings, and work sessions continue to operate remotely. These changes will pose significant challenges. Regular events that the team participates in (i.e. Week of Welcome, Engineering Carnival, Alumni Weekend, Open House, Annual General Meeting) are either postponed, cancelled, or have migrated to an online format. This deviation from normal will put the new Executive Team members to the test; we must be creative to uncover new solutions.

Calling New Members

September marks the beginning of many opportunities. With another online semester, students need to engage themselves in extra-curricular activities. By doing so, it enhances their educational experience, develops students' abilities, expands our social networks, and most importantly, builds a sense of community and companionship. The last point is the most crucial in this time of quarantine.

As the 2020 academic year begins, we are searching for new members! Our structure breaks down into four teams: mechanical, electrical, software, administration. While our work focuses greatly on areas of mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, we are open to students from all engineering disciplines. Not only that, but we also encourage students from other faculties.

Engineering Student? Computer Science Student? Business Student? Arts Student? If you're interested, you should join to enhance your university experience. We can find a role for you!

Contact Us

If you wish to inquire regarding the function of the team, future sponsorships, or are interested in joining ARVP, you can reach out to us here:

Final Words

ARVP has a fantastic team at the helm as we begin our journey into the new academic year. We hope that activities can return to normal sometime soon. This year, we plan to finish building Arctos and get the robot into the water. Only time will tell.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” - Eleanor Roosevelt


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