Auri Technical

A Beautiful Fusion of Electrical, Mechanical and Software Engineering

Auri at RoboSub 2019

ARVP’s previous autonomous underwater robot, AquaUrsa, was retired after 4 years and three major rebuilds. Even though AquaUrsa had shown fantastic reliability within the last few years, signs of fatigue and material failure led the mechanical team to the retirement decision in 2016. A subteam was created early that year dedicated to designing a new robot for Robosub 2017. In December the robot’s design was finalized, the engineering calculations were completed, and the robot was named Auri.

Members of ARVP are responsible for the design and implementation of all systems on board our submersible robots.  The team has three primary areas of technical design: mechanical, electrical, and software. Click on the links below to view the technical aspects of the robot relating to each area.

Responsible for the design of the platform for the vehicle.  Members utilized SolidWorks to model and simulate their design before creating mechanical drawing packages that are sent to the machine shop.  The mechanical team is also responsible for the design of the treasure grabber, camera mounts, torpedo launcher and marker dropper.

Responsible for the design and implementation of the electrical systems that bring the vehicle to life.  They utilize computer software to design the electrical systems and they are also responsible for hand wiring the multiple sub-systems together and ensuring that the different sub-systems can communicate with each other reliably.

Responsible for the design and implementation of the software that allows the robot to operate autonomously. The major software components include: Mission Planning, Control Systems, Computer Vision and Sonar Navigation.

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