RoboSub 2019 - Day 6

Posted by Salina Trac on August 3, 2019

Yesterday was the first day of semi-final runs. Our semi-final run was booked for 4 pm at Field B, and our first pool test time slot was at 7:30 am at Field C. Field C has the same setup at Field B, so this was good practice for us. However, our 7:30 run wasn’t successful due to the IMU giving us false readings. Unfortunately, we only realized this fact at the end of the test, so our robot did not leave the dock. I guess this was a good break for Auri; she definitely needed a rest day.

The team took the robot to the kiddie pool after to do more testing and to better calibrate the camera. According to Juan, this was more a test of everyone’s patience than anything else.

Our static judging presentation started at 2 pm, so everyone was scrambling to prepare the tent and get Auri ready for her show and tell! James, Suzana, Andrew, Rumman, Juan, and Noni pulled up their presentation slides as the judges came over. Instead of a full-on presentation, the static judging consisted of our members answering a variety of questions from the judges pertaining to the design and functions of Auri. Our presenters did an amazing job! In particular, the judges seemed impressed by our TIE Fighter design and got a good laugh out of our glued-on lego Darth Vader (no surprise there, who wouldn’t be impressed by a mini Darth Vader on a TIE Fighter robot?).


We then got our group photos taken. I’ll take this time to introduce you all to the hottest fashion trend of 2019 so far. Putting a t-shirt over your ears and covering 70% of your face is the new “it” look, a standard set by our very own team members! Don’t believe me? Just take a peek at how great each of our members look. Andrew was even able to acquire a new potential LinkedIn profile picture with his professional pose! Our electrical team lead, everyone!


It was now 4 pm, the time everyone was waiting for. We did very well, and the run was the farthest we had ever gone autonomously (good thing we were being scored!), which opened our eyes to new bugs that hadn't been discovered yet. We got 180 degrees on the coin toss, passed through the gate, did one half-roll and a spin (our robot had never done that before; it must have been unstable), hit the Jiangshi successfully, and detected the three-sided buoy and hit the backside. As for the torpedo target, our robot did not correctly detect the open hole; thus aimed at the covered hole on the right instead. When going to the octagon, Auri got caught on the torpedo target and dragged the target out of position.

That run gave us third place overall, which meant it was time for a celebration! We went to Chick-Fil-A as per Nathan’s request and had our first exposure to the delicacy of waffle fries! Opinions on the food were pretty divided. A great number of us weren’t too much a fan of the food, which made Nathan cry inside. Later that night, we prepared for another pool test, had another labelling party, and put in PRs to fix the bugs of the day's run. Let's give a special shoutout to Jacky who barely got any sleep because he was working on vision the whole night, his roommates were snoring, and Nic took up the whole bed.


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