RoboSub 2019 - Day 3

Posted by Salina Trac on July 31, 2019

Day Three. The first day of going to TRANSDEC. Our morning team was up bright and early and left the hotel at 6 am. The lottery to pick times started at 6:30, and luckily, we got our first choice of 7 am. The morning team started working and went for the first run. Contrary to what we expected, the sky was full of clouds and the wind blew wildly around us. So much for the layers of sunscreen that we all slabbed on ourselves! The cold weather was definitely a bad omen for what happened next. Jacky dropped one of our three walkie talkies in the water to its death. Meaning that we split-wised three devices when now only two of them worked. Thanks, Jacky!

The night team arrived at TRANSDEC right on time for the second run. The night team saved the day and brought along with them warm clothes and equipment that had been forgotten. On the second run, we got the torpedo to fire at the target. Well, let me be more specific. The torpedo fired at our target; however, not through the hole like we were aiming for, but it got stuck right above Dracula’s head! It made a great laugh for all of us. With that, our second run concluded. Some members worked on sonar issues in the kiddie pool, while others worked on the code in preparation for the third run. The third run was a success, as we barrel-rolled through the gate.

As we waited for our last run, we submitted our song requests through the RoboSub forum. We waited for what seemed like years for “Old Town Road” to blast through the speakers. When the song finally came on, ARVP impressed the whole of TRANSDEC with our off-key singing and original dance moves.

The team’s last run was scheduled for 5:30 pm, but it got delayed until 6:30. We got detections for sonar for the first time and successfully fired at the torpedo target. Though the torpedo missed, it was very close.

We got back to the hotel and waited for Jon and Moira to pick up two enormous pizzas. They came back with two huge boxes of pizza, and us ravenous animals devoured the food in no time. No pool test was needed tonight. So, instead, a number of lucky members were assigned to the fun task of labelling videos after a late dinner. The labelling party spent the rest of the night in the electrical room labelling and listening to Rumman’s playlist of hits from 2014.


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