RoboSub 2019 - Day 1

Posted by Salina Trac on July 29, 2019

We were all due to get to the airport at 4:30 am. Maybe Suzana and I would have made in on time if we didn’t get dropped off at the wrong gate (thanks Mom and Dad!). Eventually, the two of us met up with the rest of the team and we made it past domestic security successfully.

The combination of a desire to eat breakfast and being extremely exhausted was the exact formula to make the whole team ravenously hungry. Some fellows stopped by the bar to grab an early drink, and Suzana and I went on an adventure all the way to the other side of the airport to find a Tim Horton's bagel.

Flight number one to Vancouver was awesome. It consisted of silently jamming out to songs, delicious flight cookies, and jamming out once again. We all arrived at Vancouver in no time, and now faced the dreaded challenge of customs and international security. The team waited to get through security for over half an hour, but we finally made it past and survived the questioning of our mysterious robot parts.

A little later, we all boarded our flight and were off to San Diego. I passed out quickly after the plane took off and awoke just before we landed. The team met up with James and Nathan at the airport, and we all waited for Jon to come pick us up. We mistakenly waved over a couple of vans before we finally saw Jon and got on the right vehicle. The music blasted in the van as we headed off to the Handlery Hotel and took memorable photos of all of us together!


Unbeknownst to the whole team, our crate had arrived already. The mechanical team decided to get a head start on putting the DVL on the robot. The only problem was that no one remembered which side the DVL was to be placed. Luckily, Gab utilized his great deduction skills and the DVL was on its way to being placed on the robot. Trying to tighten the screws was the most difficult task, so it took much longer than expected to mount the DVL. However, when Gab, Jacky, and Suzana were 90% of the way done, a terrifying realization set in. We had placed the DVL in the wrong direction. It took us another 30 minutes to take the DVL off. Then, the team decided to check the picture on last time before we put in on again. And what do you know? Turns out we had it right THE FIRST TIME around. Of course, Day 1 going smoothly was just too good to be true. Crying, the Mechanical team screwed the DVL back on the same way they did the first time.

After the whole DVL fiasco, everyone was ready for dinner. We met up with Rumman at Ocean Beach and enjoyed a lovely meal right beside the beach. The food was of an overwhelming portion; a perfect end to the night. It was a peaceful meal to signify the havoc that was coming upon us.



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