RoboSub 2018 Day 0: Finding Auri

Posted by admin-robotlord on July 29, 2018

By Juan Rojas

San Diego, here we come! Today most of our RoboSub 2018 team made their way to San Diego where the 21st annual RoboSub competition is set to take place. After countless hours of work, it has all come down to this. My journey to the airport was a balancing act between trying to stay awake (it was an early morning flight) and trying to remember all that had been discussed at yesterday's pre-competition meeting. There, all 16 members of ARVP's 2018 competition team met up to discuss logistics, goals, strategy, and how to not die when you are in a car and Jon is driving.

Speaking of Jon, he was the first person that I ran into at the airport. Well, it was more like he waved me down and asked me to come to join him for breakfast. Classic Jon. Eventually, a few more people joined in and we ended up having a mini ARVP team breakfast. It was only fitting that Jon was the one to order the bacon because after all, he is the one that brings in the bacon (if you didn't get that reference you clearly have not seen our 2018 competition video).

After breakfast, we boarded the plane and headed off to Vancouver to catch a connecting flight to San Diego. Both flights were short and sweet, and pretty soon ARVP had landed in San Diego! We were hoping that Auri would be waiting for us at the hotel but alas we were told that the shipment had not arrived. We would have to wait until tomorrow before we could be reunited with Auri. Although we were disappointed that Auri was not here, there was still a lot of work to be done before we could begin testing so the software team dove right into writing some code.

The rest of the team focused on an equally important task... trying to get the shower to work. Pop quiz: how many engineering students does it take to figure out how to use a shower? Trick question, none because it was Micah who finally got it working. Comp Sci 1 | Engineering 0.

We wrapped up the day by going out for some food and getting some much-needed groceries. We have lots to look forward to tomorrow including the RoboSub opening ceremony, and (hopefully) re-assembling Auri and getting it competition-ready. Stay tuned and click here for a complete schedule of RoboSub 2018!
The Dana Hotel


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