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Posted by Rozia Zafar on March 24, 2021

Member Highlights are where we showcase the wonderful talents, goals, and interests that our members possess.

Rachel Ellis joined the Admin team in the 2020/2021 year.

What year and discipline are you in?
I am in my 2nd year of Computer Software Co-op.

Why did you go into your program?
While I liked the right subjects, I never considered engineering until grade 12. However, once I knew more about it, I felt it was a perfect fit for my interests and desire to solve problems. 

What do you want to do as a career?
I want to try a few different options to see what interests me the most. First, working for or founding a start-up appeals to me. I am also interested in academia/research, particularly nanotech and mechatronics. Finally, I plan to take Amii’s Machine Learning Algorithms in the Real World course to get a better sense of a career in AI. 
Overall, I am most fascinated by the overlap between technology and medicine.

What are you looking forward to most for when COVID is over?
I look forward to travelling again, especially by doing an international co-op or exchange trip in Germany. I also want to physically meet all the incredible people I met virtually this year.

What is a fun fact/skill about yourself?
I have been playing piano for over 13 years. Although I stopped taking lessons two years ago, I got back into it during the pandemic, and I was able to learn and perform Beethoven’s “Tempest” 3rd Mov. for the Heart of the City Music Program’s Benefit Concert. While not to the extent I want, I am glad that I can continue pursuing other interests while studying engineering.


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