Prologue: We are ready

Posted by Rumman Waqar on July 29, 2018

RoboSub 2018 is quickly approaching! From Monday, July 29th to Sunday, August 5th the team is San Diego-bound for the 21st annual RoboSub competition for autonomous underwater vehicles. This is a culmination of a year's worth of hard work by the entire ARVP team. Here are some of the things that each technical team is most excited about for competition this year!

Software Team

With hundreds of hours of simulation and pool testing under Auri's belt, the software team feels more confident in our competition performance than ever before. Most of all, we are excited to try out our new LQR control system, that allows us to localize underwater and perform barrel rolls! Huge shout out to Juan Rojas, and Nathan Liebrecht who crunched matrix math all year to make this possible.

Electrical Team

Dreams do come true... Auri finally has a passive sonar system!!  For years the club has struggled to determine the location of an acoustic pinger underwater -- a high-scoring task at competition. This comes with a custom-designed pre-processing board for noise filtering, automatic gain control and ping detection. This improves the system to a point where the software team can reliability triangulate the position of the pinger. In addition, the communication system for all hardware components was consolidated to a universal CAN Bus protocol. This transition off USB and I2C has already netted major benefits. We've had no major communication issues since this system was implemented!

Mechanical Team

Auri's frame has been completely rebuilt this year to provide more strength and stability. The new frame also allows us to mount our new dropper, torpedoes, and DVL. By changing our weight distribution and moving the center of mass and buoyancy closer together, the robot can do more complex maneuvers!

Watch out for our daily blog posts throughout the competition. Also check out our YouTube channel, where we will be posting a competition vlog as well!


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