The Pool Test Tradition Continues; What Else is New?

Posted by admin-robotlord on March 5, 2017

Firsts are always so exciting; and our first pool test of the year was no exception.

It was a cold Sunday evening, and there was excitement in the air. In the past years, pool tests have not went so well. I mean, they have been standard pool tests. Robot in the water, troubleshooting software problems, making sure the cameras worked, etc, etc. However, the problem that we have always had in the past is that we were always at least an hour late to our pool tests due to mechanical or electrical problems on the robot. This year, I definitely did not want that to happen. Thankfully, the team agreed with me and in the week leading up to the pool test, everyone did their parts to make sure the hour-late pool test tradition would not happen. Saturday night came, and everything was working! The new kill switch worked, the thrusters worked, and everything was working.

The next morning we were ready! The test was scheduled for 5:00 pm, so I got there a half an hour early and walked into the clubs room. As I walked in, I saw a frustrated Hali and a not very happy team. 'What's wrong?' I asked them with a sinking feeling in my gut. They responded by telling me that one of the ESCs (Electronic Speed Controller) which controls the new blue robotics thrusters, weren't working. Confusion rang out around the room. They were working yesterday and this morning, so why was one not working now? Why now? Nobody knew why. All I know is that I need to buy a new ESC as soon as possible for the next pool test so we can get all thrusters working.

An hour passed by and we decided to bring AquaUrsa to the pool for the last hour. Without the vertical thrusters, we couldn't do much. The software team ended up having an hour to debug the robot while it floated around in the pool for an hour.

As a whole, we can say this pool test was reasonably unsuccessful. However, we can still say that we kept the tradition. The tradition to show up an hour late to a pool test; the tradition to have mechanical or electrical problems the day of; and hopefully, the tradition to get it actually working in the pool in a few pool tests. Wish us luck.


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