Rylan Hugens

Mechanical Team Member
Fourth year Mechanical Engineering Student

Member Bio

2020/2021 will be my second year on the team. I joined to the team to satisfy the robotics itch that I had been feeling since I left my highschool robotics team. Since starting robotics in 2014, I quickly developped a passion for the field and went on to win the Vex regional competition in alberta in 2017. Since leaving that team I was on the look for my next opportunity in robotics. I scouted out ARVP as the next robotics adventure. Once I enetered my third year of mechanical engineering I was able to find a balance that allowed me to join the club and since then I've been apart of several teams and worked on several components, such as the droppers system and parts of the fram and hull that are apart of the current new robot. This year I am hoping to continuing working on those components while also expanding into different projects such as the balancing system that we are hoping to implement in the future.

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