Muhammad Samin Yasar

Mechanical Team Member
2nd Year MechE student, an explorer of knowledge and practical experience

Member Bio

I have been bored with the plethora of theoretical knowledge I learn in class. Where's the fun in engineering if you can't tinker with machines, get grease all over your hand and post cool instagram stories of your creations? The ARVP club is the perfect medium for me to bridge the gap between theory and practical experience. The prospect of designing a robot via solidworks really piqued my interest, particularly because I have been enjoying my MEC E 265 course (which is an introductory course to solidworks). . I honestly just love dissecting things and looking at their internal components (hence why my toys never lasted more than a week when I was a child). Designing the frame of this robot and then seeing how all the different components each team has been working on comes together to form one final product gives me a greater satisfaction than popping bubblewraps. In the future, I plan on going into the field of mechatronics, so ARVP seems to be the ideal club to lay the foundations for my future.I am very eager to work with everyone and develop my teambuilding skills.

Member Years:
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