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Adesh Sangione

Mechanical Team Co-Lead
Mechanical Team Co-Lead in 2019-2020 year. Member since Fall 2018.

Member Bio

I joined ARVP in 2018 as a general mechanical team member because I wanted to try something new, which at the time was understanding robotics and mechanical systems. This was the first time I joined an engineering club but as time passed, I grew to love the entire project. In my first year, I was tasked with refurbishing Auri's pneumatic torpedo system with stronger fittings and reliable pressure regulators. After this, I focused on designing new electronic trays to support all of Auri's electronics systems specifically for the NVIDIA Xavier, which was a new addition at the time. This last year, however, was the pinnacle of my undergraduate degree because I had the opportunity to lead the design of Arctos where we focused on implementing originality from all mechanical members. As this chapter of my life closes, a new one is opening. I will be completing a Master of Engineering at the University of Toronto with a technical emphasis on robotics and mechatronics, which will enable me to continue my pursuit of designing, controlling, and building robots.

Adesh Sangione, 2020
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