July 27, 2016 - Day 3: 10 More Minutes, and it will be Ready.

Posted by admin-robotlord on July 28, 2016

Jon woke me up this morning and Parsa, Jon, Sheide and I decided to go to Transdec early to see if we could qualify for semifinals as soon as possible. We packed up the robot in the truck and were on our way! Once we got there, I was seconds away from missing the morning lottery for the day. Every morning, the teams that show up at 6:00 am write their team name on a piece of paper and put it in Dave's or Bill's hat. They then randomly choose a piece of paper from the hat and that team gets to choose their first pool time for the day. So I was exactly on time for that, and luckily I got us a pool time at 8:15 in the morning. This gave us two hours to set up the robot and make sure the IMU is working. 8:15 came upon us and we were ready. The robot entered the water, got lined up with the gate, and the diver connected the kill switch. The robot immediately started curving to the right and we killed it. Let's try that again. This time it curved slightly left. We tethered the robot up, Scheide pressed a few buttons on his laptop, and we untethered it and let it go one more time. Slowly, it made it's way to the gate. Staring intently, I held my breath, trying not to jinx it and hoping it will continue moving straight. Looks like it wasn't jinxed because the next moment it was through the gate! Yay we qualified! Looks like the third time is the charm! We realized we still had a few minutes left to our pool time, so we decided to test the robot tethered so we could do a complete runthrough of the course with the xbox controller. The front camera's connection was wonky so we had no front vision for this walk through. We got the diver to tell us which way to point the robot so we could obtain some path data since the bottom facing camera was still working. Our time was up and we went back to our tent until our next run at 10:15. For the next couple of hours, the boys tried to fix the front camera for the next run.

A couple of short hours later, our next run was up and we threw AquaUrsa into the water. We tethered AquaUrsa so we could see if she was working, and put on the kill switch! Nothing happened? AquaUrsa just sat there, and our fifteen minutes were up. Just then, Rumman and the rest of the team decided to grace us with their presence! We then took apart the robot, figured out the IMU and the power board weren't working, made a new power board, and tried to get it up and running for our next run at 3:30!

3:20 came around and we were supposed to be carrying the robot to the deck for our test run. However, the team said we "needed 10 more minutes" to get the robot working. Worry crossed my mind as we were not going to make this test run, so I did the only thing I could do: run around trying to find a team to switch times with me. Finally, after Harbin saying no to trading their 3:45 time, we negotiated a trade with Cornell for their 4:15 time. Thank goodness for Cornell. A half an hour later, it was our turn for the test run. Everything in the robot was attached, however, the Ethernet cable wasn't powerful enough. Inevitably, I gave Cornell their 4:15 time slot back for a future favour.

After the long day, we packed up, drove back to the hotel, ate at Oggies, and made our plans for tomorrow. Turns out the van is ready to be picked up tomorrow, so as midnight rolled around, Jon and I packed up some food for the road, and started the drive back to Provo, Utah for our little University of Alberta van. Let me tell you, that is a long drive.


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