July 22, 2015 - Day 3: Our Saviour Has Arrived

Posted by admin-robotlord on July 22, 2015

This morning was late morning as we all left the hotel around 8:00. Alvin and I had a healthy breakfast: spicy BBQ boneless wings from Oggi's from the night before. They were delicious. Jamie and I were looking forward to stopping at a department store to pick up some more aloe vera gel for our sunburns, so we all stopped at this little grocery store down the street from the TRANSDEC. No such luck with that, so we decided to go to Target later in the day and went on our way to the TRANSDEC to start the day. Since Mike was not here yet, there was a lack of stuff for all of us to do, so Jamie, Alvin, and Michael all decided to go pick up some brunch from Denny's while we waited for 1:30 to come.

Suddenly, I felt the need to do something, anything, to help out. So, I created an Instagram account for ARVP. Now, we are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Feel free to follow us on any of those websites! Finally, it came to be 1:30 and Alvin went to pick up Mike. One more agonizing hour later, relief was in the air as we saw Mike walking towards us! Our saviour had finally arrived and immediately, he set to work. One short hour later, our biggest issue was fixed and it was time for testing AquaUrsa in the dolphin pool again. It turns out Mike was able to patch up the vertical motor controller and slightly modify the design so AquaUrsa could control its depth properly, and we could get through the gate. So with everything hanging in the balance, we brought it to the dolphin pool, set it in, and it worked! We were ready for the qualifying run! The test was at 6:15, so there was an hour to waste. We then decided to take a team photo, which turned out pretty good I must say!

San Diego ARVP Team of 2015

San Diego ARVP Team of 2015

Our test time rolled around, and we were ready. AquaUrsa was picked up and carried to the loading dock where the previous team was just getting out of the water. Then, they slowly lowered AquaUrsa into the water and we started with a run with the tether attached to the robot. Feeling like it was ready, we took off the tether and let it go autonomously.

Qualifying Test

Qualifying Run

We watched for one agonizingly long minute as AquaUrsa submerged into the water and slowly made her way towards the gate. I had high hopes and just kept on holding on to them as she kept on creeping closer to the gate. Finally, as I was holding my breath, she passed through! Dave and Bill, the qualifying judges, both gave us congratulations for being the eighteenth team to pass through the gates and qualify for the semifinals! Yay! Now it was time to go home. There wasn't enough room for all seven of us to fit in the van with the robot, so Jamie and I took it upon ourselves to take the shuttle back. Once back at the hotel, we ordered four large pizzas, ate, and once we were happy and content, we went back to work. I have a feeling we will be up pretty late tonight, and hopefully, we can get into the pool sometime tonight to test the robot some more. We will see I guess! Have a good night!


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