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Posted by Rozia Zafar on March 5, 2021

Member Highlights are where we showcase the wonderful talents, goals, and interests that our members possess.

Jenny Lee

Jenny Lee is the Project Co-Lead for the 2020/2021 year.

What year and discipline are you in?
4th-year petroleum engineering.

Why did you go into engineering?
I've always had a passion for robotics and wanted to learn more about it. I'm a very hands-on person, and engineering gives me that opportunity to be hands-on and explore my passions.

What do you want to do as a career?
I want to continue building robots specifically in the biomedical fields. I want to help people in any way I can, whether it's using robotics to assist doctors in surgery, using robotics in rehabilitation, or using robots to employ people who cannot work. I want to use robotics to improve the medical field.

What hobbies have you been working on over COVID?
I've been crocheting a lot as I always have been. It's a good distraction, and I can include them in the care packages I drop to my friends!


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