ARVP will be, once again, participating in AUVSI’s RoboSub competition, with a brand new robot. The competition is held at the Naval Research Base in San Diego, CA from July 30 – August 5, 2018.  The competition follows a series of different themes each year, this year’s being “Casino TRANSDEC” due to it being RoboSub’s 21st competition year. Various tasks pertaining to the theme are given to the AUV for completion. The official tasks of 2018 will be released in a few months, but we can assume they will be similar with unique twists to the 2017 tasks (as described in the Official Rules and Mission) as follows:

  • Follow the path – The AUV is to follow a yellow coloured path that is 4′ long by 6″ wide and not straight to reach the next task
  • Find the Casino – Bonus points for starting at random orientations. A coin will be flipped for complete randomness and extra points. 
  • Shoot Craps (Buoy) – The AUV is to strike two of the six dice-shaped buoys, each buoy having it’s own die number 1 through 6. The two dice buoys touched must add up to the numbers 7 or 11 to score points. 
  • Enter the Casino (Gate) – The AUV must pass though a gate. Passing through the gate on the pre-called red or black sides will score extra points.
  • Buy a Gold Chip – Gold chips (golf balls) can be obtained by pushing on the plate on the chip dispenser. The chips (golf balls) that are pre-loaded on vehicle at the start must all be blue. Obtaining a gold chip scores points. More points can then be scored by using gold chips in other tasks.
  • Try the Slots / Hit the Jackpot – The AUV must fire a torpedo through the openings of the slot machine. More openings will be uncovered once the arm on the machine is pulled down. Smaller openings are more points. 
  • Play Roulette – The pre-loaded blue chips (golf balls) must be dropped in the red, black, or green bins. Getting blue chips in the pre-called colour (the side of the gate the AUV went through in “Enter the Casino”) score extra points. Maximum points are rewarded to those who drop the gold chip in the green colour bins. 
  • Cash in Your Chips (Recovery and Octagon) -Any chip in a cashier’s register (corner bins) scores points. Chip color matching bin color scores more points. Gold chips in gold register scores most points. Surfacing is allowed anywhere inside square.


“Find the Casino”


“Shoot Craps”
“Enter the Casino”
“Buy a Gold Chip”
“Buy the Slots / Hit the Jackpot”
“Play Roulette”
“Cash in Your Chips”