ARVP will be, once again, participating in AUVSI’s RoboSub competition, with a brand new robot. The competition is held at the Naval Research Base in San Diego, CA from July 24-30, 2017.  The competition follows a series of different themes each year, this year’s being “20 Years Under the Sea” based off of the classic movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Various tasks pertaining to the theme are given to the AUV for completion. The official tasks of 2017 will be released in a few months, but we can assume they will be similar to the 2016 tasks (as described in the Official Rules and Mission) as follows:

  • Path Marker – The AUV is to follow an orange coloured path that is 4′ long by 6″ wide to reach the next task
  • Set Sail/Disable Ship (Buoy) – The AUV is to strike one of the two buoys. If the red buoy is hit, then the green, aditional point are are given. There will be one yellow, corrugated plastic cutout underwater that is attached to a floating ship on top of the water. Additional points to tough the yellow “buoy” and move the ship above.
  • Gate – The AUV must pass though an U-shaped green PVC pipe box
  • Navigate Pass – The AUV must pass through a U-shaped gate. Full points are awarded if it’s maneuvered with “style” through the obstacle (sideways, backward, upside down).
  • Cultivate Pearls (Bins) – There are two black bins with white borders around them. The task is to drop markers into their respective bins, however, one bin will be covered with a lid. Extra points given if the AUV removes the lid and drops the markers into the bin.
  • Battle A Squid (Window Cutouts) – The AUV must fire a torpedo through two different sized circles in a squid cutout. Bonus points for moving the seaweed cover and firing both torpedoes through the small openings.
  • Collect & Classify Samples (Recovery and Octagon) – The AUV must detect the frquency of the right pinger, move towards it, and surface within that octagon area. Bonus points given if the AUV can pick up an object off of the “table” beside the octagon, surface with it, and place it on its designated spot on the table.


“Battle A Squid”
“Cultivate Pearls”