Last Pool Test. Facts.

Posted by admin-robotlord on July 22, 2016

Part 1 – 0 to 100

Randi’s blog assistant checking in. Sean S complains about Randi’s abilities to recruit new business members. I took his side and laughed because we’re wearing the same T shirt and that’s dope. Randi finally jumps in the pool after we continue to make jokes at her expense. You can’t hide in the water Randi; the water is clear, you cannot hide. The pool is cold – Randi.

Part 2 – "Randi.. The Robot is Coming"

The weights on the robot needed to be rearranged. We’re waiting…. Michael walks in with the weights. Oh yeah. Robot is in the water. Depth sensor is working. We had issues sinking the robot but guess what haters, problem solved.

Eric begins to set up the torpedo / dropper, looks technical. He connects it to the power supply.. zap. Just kidding. ARVP doesn’t mess around. Jon is in the pool with the robot and the cameras have their eyes on the prize. Take that as you will, but we might sell this shit. Just kidding around don’t worry.

The software team is typing more than me and I’m the blogger, this is a good sign. They are working hard. Sean S is already testing some code he wrote up this morning, damn. Smug guy with a classy shirt, respect. Like shit that’s a bold move. The code never worked and Sean scrapped it, but still that takes balls.

Part 3 - Vlog

Parsa started to vlog so I’m out. It’s been real.

Part 4 – Blog

That didn’t last long, I’m back. “I gave up I have so many videos in here” says Parsa to whoever will listen. Damn that was savage on my part. In other news Randi just said every swear she knew “God fudging darnit”. Savage as well.

Eric’s Torpedo worked real good. Even the lifeguard showed signs of life and that’s rare. We shot some torpedo’s through the “uprights” and the dude scratched his lip because he was trying to cover a smile. Don’t worry brotha we were all smiling a little.

Part 5 - Reflection

I’ve made a joke at almost everyone’s expense so far. Watch out, you’re next Jesse and James. NO WAY. Jesse and James, Team Rocket is blasting off again. Pokemon Go is everywhere man!

Part 6 – The Last Hour

People are getting delirious at this point but we’re staying strong. Jon is floating on his back, and Randi is doing some strange water aerobics but we still support her. “Point those toes, girl!”.

The ODroid shut off and so we are now taking the robot out of the water so we can restart it. If the U of A has taught us anything about technology, it’s to turn it off then turn it on again when things go wrong.

Another lifeguard just came in and asked how much longer we’ll be. Answer is 40 minutes. No punchline this time, just facts. Parsa is looking up when Mucho Burrito closes. Answer is 10pm and he’s pissed. Facts.

Part 7 – “Pruny”

If at this point you’re wondering “Is this thing like 500 words?” The answer is no, it’s 517.

The robot is back in the water, not sure why it shut off but we think the robot just got too hot. Hm.. thought I remember hearing that the water was cold. Sean is doing a buoy test oh yeah, love your shirt man. James speaks in third person. “Oh my god James oh my god.” I would give you details about the problem he had but I’ve already told the punchline.

Michael and Parsa got locked outside. I’ll make them wait.
Darn, they didn’t ditch me while I was waiting to let another guy inside. I regret making them wait.

Part 8 – Conclusion

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” – Melania Trump. The pool test went well. See you at the competition.

Sean Haliburton
Electrical Team Lead
University of Alberta


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