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The Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Project would not be where we are today without the help of our amazing donors and sponsors! Want to join us in this amazing journey? It's easy, just follow these steps!

Online Donations

  • Credit card donations can be done by both individuals and organizations through the University of Alberta's secure payment site. We provided a step by step tutorial below on how to fill out the form so your donation reaches us.

1. Give to UAlberta:

2. About You:

3. Billing:

4. Review:

5. Finish:
This page shows all of the information you put in. Please check over this carefully to make sure your donation reaches us so we can continue our growth on this journey!

Cheque Donations

Cheques can be written by individuals or organizations as below:

  • 1. Write cheque to University of Alberta
    2. In the memo write Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Project (ARVP) Donation
    3. For mailing information please email specifying if you are wanting to sponsor or donate.

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