Day 3 (July 18th 2012)

Posted by admin-robotlord on July 18, 2012

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Electronics In Hull


Day 3 and the mood is more optimistic, the robot is now buoyant and we have power to the thrusters but recurring issues with the compass have been slowing progress down. The electronics issues and exploding components that have been plauging us are now resolved and the hull is now full of electronics and ready to for some midnight hotel pool testing. The compass seems to work fine when bench testing but stops communicating when the robot is placed into the water, which is sort of a concern for a submersible robot. The hotel pool is not ideal for testing because of interference but the robot is sucessfully controlling its self whenever the compass decides to communicate. The motor contoller logic has been figured out and a will be ready for testing once we get back to the TRASDEC facility in the morning. To increase the chances of success a touch sensitive rail has been added to the front of the robot to help confirm when we make contact with the buoy in the case the robot is unable to keep to its heading while in the pool.


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