July 25, 2016 - Day 1: Chips and Cereal. That's All You Need.

Posted by admin-robotlord on July 26, 2016

It's orientation day! Officially the first day of the competition and I'm feeling good. Jon and Michael woke up first and went for a quick run, followed by me waking up at 7:30 AM and going for a run down the harbour. Humid, sticky air hit me as I ran, and it was glorious. After I got back to the hotel we decided to go for breakfast. Where else to go for breakfast besides a seafood restaurant on the San Diego harbour? We decided on Anthony's Fish Grotto for breakfast and I must say it was some pretty good fish, however, fish may not be the best thing to eat at 10:00 in the morning. At 10:30, Michael and Jon left to pack up the truck and check out of the hotel while Parsa, Jesse, and I finished eating and took a stroll around Little Italy. A lot of stores were closed at that point, so it was just cool to walk down the street.

We then met up with Michael and Jon and was on our way to the Holiday Inn hotel. Upon arrival, we were told that the rooms were not ready yet so Parsa, Jesse and I sat down and waited while Michael and Jon went to pick up Sean S. (aka Scheide), Sean H. (aka Hali), and Noni from the airport. An hour later, the rooms were ready and our bags were brought up to us! We got the same rooms we had last year, so that is really nice since they are right beside the outdoor pool and on the first floor.

After a couple of hours of watching tv and almost falling asleep, Jesse, Jon, Parsa, Hali, and I all went grocery shopping while Michael, Scheide, and Noni went to the RoboSub orientation. Now let me tell you, it is not easy shopping with four guys and buying food for 9 people. We walked into Target and they were just all over the place with wanting to buy chips and cereal. How I managed that, I have no idea but an hour and a half later, we walked away with quite a few groceries and drinks.  The next stop was Rubio's to pick up tacos for everyone and then we drove back to the hotel to eat.

We had a quick video conference with Rumman to figure out our plan of attack for the competition to come and then we all started to go to work. The software team started coding, Parsa and Michael started putting the robot together, and I started blogging and keeping everyone on track. Once midnight came along, I decided to go to bed because I have to be at the Transdec pool by 6:00 in the morning. Today wasn't too exciting but tomorrow is another day!

Randi Derbyshire
Business Team Lead
University of Alberta


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