Day 1 – July 10 – Driving Team

Posted by admin-robotlord on July 10, 2011

Well, it’s been a great day overall…we got off to a great start, with me (Mike) picking up Lee and Meaghan at only a couple of minutes after 5 am. Then it was off to Chris’ place to pick him up. We were a little concerned when he wasn’t waiting for us at the door, but he appeared in short order. A quick trip to Millwoods to pick up Aassem, and when we left dreary Edmonton it was 6 am on the nose. Once we were south of Calgary, the sun was shining brightly and spirits were high.

After a slight hiccup with me misunderstanding where I was to position our vehicle, and Aassem being interrogated, we were in the US, and on our way! We stopped briefly in Conrad, Montana to grab Subway and Meaghan took over the wheel for me so I could snooze in the back while Lee and Chris were giddily playing GameCube in the centre row.

We rolled into Idaho Falls, Idaho at 9 pm on the dot, just as we planned. After checking in, unloading our bags from ‘RoboVan’ (the new nomenclature for our tricked-out ride) and tucking in SubmURSA in Meaghan’s room, we filled the van with gas and headed over to the Olive Garden for some free salad and breadsticks. (We are students, after all). After some spirited conversation and a great dinner, we headed back to the hotel to check our e-mail and get ready for bed. All in all, a great first day!



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