July 12, 2011
Day 3 – July 12 – Everyone Together at Last

So while the breakfast club (driving team) was having fun finding out just how much calories their bodies could take at the IHOP, Veselin, Kris and I awoke to the wee hours of daylight and took to the skies for San Diego. The flights were fine despite Kris complaining about the emergency exit seats that […]

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July 11, 2011
Day 2 – July 11 – Driving Team

Well, we got started a little later than planned. It seems someone (coughChriscough) forgot to turn on the alarm clock, and we didn’t wake until I awoke to Meaghan knocking on our door at 5:30. We showered and dressed quickly, then loaded RoboVan and headed off to the hotel lobby for our complimentary breakfast (more […]

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July 10, 2011
Day 1 – July 10 – Driving Team

Well, it’s been a great day overall…we got off to a great start, with me (Mike) picking up Lee and Meaghan at only a couple of minutes after 5 am. Then it was off to Chris’ place to pick him up. We were a little concerned when he wasn’t waiting for us at the door, […]

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