2014-2016 AquaUrsa

In RoboSub 2015, AquaUrsa placed 8th out of 38 teams, and top Canadian team! Overall, the best placing we’ve done since we switched to underwater robotics! In RoboSub 2016, AquaUrsa placed 33rd out of 58 teams. This definitely put a damper on things, however it only motivated us to do that much better!

2011-2013 SubmURSA 2.0

In RoboSub 2012, SubmURSA MK II placed 19th out of 31 teams. In RoboSub 2013, SubmURSA MK II placed 10th out of 31 teams. Definitely did a little bit better the second year!

2010-2011 SubmURSA

In RoboSub 2011, SubmURSA placed 20th out of 28 teams. This led us to upgrading to SubmURSA 2.0 for the next couple of years.

2007-2010 Bearacuda

In RoboSub 2008, Bearacuda placed 17th out of 25 teams. In RoboSub 2009, Bearacuda placed 21st out of 30 teams. In RoboSub 2010, Bearacuda placed 11th out of 21 teams.

2005-2007 Ursa Major / Ursa Minor

In 2005, Ursa Major never competed due to not being finished. In 2006, Ursa Minor placed 2nd in the navigation competition. That same year, he impressed us by running for SU president, and got second place in the voting rankings!

2001-2004 Kodiak

In the competitions from 2002 – 2004, Kodiak placed top 5 in Design. As you can guess, they placed similarly throughout the years.

2000 -2001 Bear Cub

In 2001, Bear Cub placed 1st in navigation! We were so proud of our little cub, that we decided to go and create Kodiak for the next year!