Starting our USEED Campaign!!

We are excited to announce the launch of our USEED Campaign! We are in the middle of constructing our new robot for RoboSub 2017 and we need your support. Take a look at our campaign page for more detailed information. We’ll be updating lots on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so check us out there! #robotics […]

Roadtrips: Are they worth the effort?

A couple of months ago, the executive team decided that instead of everyone flying to the San Diego competition this year, we would try out having four or five members drive down to San Diego with the robot. We were convinced this would make the traveling costs cheaper for the club since the shipping costs […]

Last Pool Test. Facts.

Part 1 – 0 to 100 Randi’s blog assistant checking in. Sean S complains about Randi’s abilities to recruit new business members. I took his side and laughed because we’re wearing the same T shirt and that’s dope. Randi finally jumps in the pool after we continue to make jokes at her expense. You can’t […]