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Software Team

The software team is responsible for the design and implementation of the software that allows the robot to operate autonomously. The major software components include: Mission Planning, Control Systems, Computer Vision and Sonar Navigation.

Software Team 2019

2019-2020 Roster


Team Co-Leads: Nicholas Wengel (Left), Willard Farmer (Right)

Team Members: Ali Muneer, Armianto Sumitro, Caleb Schoepp, Cynthia Li, Daniel Rojas-Cardona, Ian Yurychu, James Hryniw, Juan Rojas, Justin Francis, Luv Rathod, Michael Kwok, Mohammad Kebbi, Noni Hua, Owen Stadlwieser, Phuoc-Hoan Charles-Le, Ramana Vasanthan, Rumman Waqar

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