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Mechanical Team

The mechanical team is responsible for the design of the platform for the vehicle.  Members utilize SolidWorks to model and simulate their design before creating mechanical drawing packages that are sent to the machine shop. The mechanical team is also responsible for the design of the subsystems such as the mechanical claw/arm, camera mounts, torpedo launcher and marker dropper.

Mechanical Team 2019

2019-2020 Roster

Team Co-Leads: Adesh Sangione (Left), Gabriel Risbud-Vincent (Right)

Team Members: Alejandro Matos, Alex Lytle, Andrew Delcioppo, Connor Chin, Curtis Stewart (Project  Lead), Danilo Pesevic, Emmett Rimes, Ethan Mah, Hansen Liu, Hersh Srivastava, Jagesh Patel, Jared Schroeder, Jason Shukla, Jenny Lee, Jordan Fawcett, Joy Saini, Kartikya Gaur, Mason Lantz, Mohammed Khereis, Mustafa Alaqabi, Nigel Woodhouse, Robert Forgie, Ryan Gaur, Ryan van Drecht, Rylan Hugens, Stevie Desmarais, Suzana Trac, Vicky Chen, Wei Zheng, Yi Meng Wang, Yugant Manchanda

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