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Electrical Team

The electrical team is responsible for the design and implementation of the electrical systems that bring the vehicle to life.  They utilize computer software to design the electrical systems and they are also responsible for hand wiring the multiple sub-systems together and ensuring that the different sub-systems can communicate with each other reliably.

Electrical Team 2019

2019-2020 Roster

Team Lead: David Lenfesty

Team Members: Abdul Basit Siddiqui, Alex Boyle, Alfred Lee, Andrew Schroeder, Chuxin He, Daylen Mackey, Elton Knudsen, Gabriel Rojas, Ian Yurychuk, Ian Zhiyang Then, James Lee, Jemima Okanlawon, Joshua Gan, Joshua McLellan, Justin Francis, Karen Han, Kirill Makhachev, Lai Yang, Lydia Sui, Mia Thomas, Moira Blenkinsopp, Mustafa Farow, Noah Thomas Rozario, Obichukwu Nwosu, Randy Palamar, Ren Wen Lim, Shuyang Zhang, Vince Montero, Yee Wei Chai, Yifei Tao

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