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Admin Team

The admin team takes care of all of ARVP’s business needs. From fundraisers to finances, media to outreach, and of course, planning the logistics around RoboSub, the admin team makes sure ARVP is a well oiled machine.

Admin Team 2019

Team Responsibilities

  • Finances: Tasks related to the financial managemen for the Student Group. These include tasks such as making sure that proper bookkeeping is being done for the team’s money and that the account has no outstanding charges. 
  • Student Group Affairs: These tasks relate to Student Group Services (SGS) and Faculty of Engineering (FoE) related events and involvement to ensure that ARVP is actively participating in these events!
  • Events: Tasks related to ARVP-Specific Events. Every year, ARVP hosts a lot of formal and informal events that all general members are encouraged to be a part of, however a lot of planning and organisation is required to make these events a reality.
  • Outreach: Tasks related to events that ARVP’s current or potential sponsors host, whether networking events, showcases, or general social gatherings. Attending these events are mandatory for at least one member in the team for planning and preparation.
  • Sponsorships: Reaching out and building relationships with companies to sponsor ARVP is a very important aspect of the Admin Team. Sponsorships can provide funding for events, advertising, and for the actual Robot!
  • Newsletter: ARVP Has a monthly newsletter that gets emailed to people subscribed to ARVP’s mailchimp. Newsletters are typically a page long with roughly 500 words, but can be tiresome when looking at the document as a whole. Which is why newsletters are broken down into small sections that can be tasks for aspiring writers!
  • Advertising / Recruitment: Posters, In class presentations, and any form of online promotion of the club to encourage students to become members to both technical teams, as well as the Admin Team, as the more members on our team, the more tasks can be distributed to people where each member can manage their plate better!
  • Website: ARVP’s official website can be seen via The site is currently built and maintained using WordPress, and requires occasional maintenance and changes to specific pages. Tasks will also include posts made to the website (Blogs, sponsors, etc), and proposals for features to add to the site or change how it looks.
  • Social Media: Along with the website, ARVP hosts a variety of social media pages (Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.) that would really benefit from having regular posts made of the robot, events, and general good times being had by the club!
  • Competition: Tasks involved in preparing for the yearly competition, RoboSub in San Diego! This includes blogging and documenting the ccompetition, managing flights, hotels and competition payments, as well as organizing and filming the competition video.

2019-2020 Roster

Team Lead: Mohammad Kebbi

Team Members: Bryn Leonard-Fortune, Jon Machinski, Nigel Woodhouse, Nina Yang,  Salina Trac, Vince Montero

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