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Admin Team


The admin team acts as the back bone for ARVP. The team is responsible for taking care of all of our business and administrative needs. This includes budgets and accounting, sponsorship and fundraising, media and design, outreach and public events and of course, planning the logistics around RoboSub. 

While the team is the least technical in designing and building our robot, members who are part of the admin team gain essential experience in organizational management and communication, and makes sure the student group is able to continue to operate every year.

Treasury Team

The Treasury team works on all tasks related to financial management for the Student Group. These include handling the team's accounting/budgeting and completing purchases for the robot. The sub-team also focuses on acquiring revenue from Sponsorship and Donations, and is in the process of setting up an online store for team merchandise.

Promotion Team

The promotion team is responsible for bringing to light the team's mission and updates to as many people as possible. This includes creating and sending out team newsletters, social media posts, and new blogs. This team is responsible for designing all promotional materials, including team logos, posters, business cards, and merchandise. The team also manages advertising and recruitment to congregate new member interest. 

Outreach Team

This team does all the planning and organization for all team events. The sub-team ensures we keep participating in external outreach events held by the university, corporate sponsors, and even the public community held by public schools or city organizations for promotion of robotics. The team also organizes internally held events such as camping trips, game nights, and our annual ARVP Formal. Finally, the team handles all preparation and logistics for ARVP to go to San Diego for our annual RoboSub competition.

Logistics Team

The logistics team drives the entire team's process operations and is the primary sub-team responsible for ensuring ARVP is a well oiled machine. This includes developing and maintaining the team's website, the team's project and task management systems and automation, and both internal and external team documentation and reports. The logistics team also guarantees the rest of the team stays on top of important dates and deadlines and is keeping up with all internal and external communication.

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